Hamilton Advertisements (Page 1)

WJ. Winer & Co., Wholesale Druggists

Postmarked November 16, 1898

Bank of Hamilton

Postmarked illegible

F. F. Dalley Co.

Postmarked December 7, 1904

Hamilton Summer Carnival August 1903


From the Mountain, The Most Beautiful City In Canada, The Home Of The Canada Business College; A School That Has Trained Nearly Ten Thousand Young People For Success In Life

(This is one of earliest postcards by Cloke, Bookseller, Hamilton)

Postmarked November 9, 1903

R. McKay & Co., Dry Goods and Carpets

Postmarked November 16, 1906

Stanley Mills & Co., Limited

Postmarked July 22, 1906

View of King St. East Showing Gore Park

Interior of S. H. Knox & Co's 5 10 & 15 Store

Postmarked January 5, 1907

Royal Hamilton Yacht Club House

Sawyer & Massey Co.

Postmarked January 2, 1907

Gore Park

Sawyer & Massey Co.

Postmarked ____ 1907

Velox Washing Machine, Cummer - Dowswell, Limited

(An oversized Private Mailing Card)

unused (the colorful image has a copyright date of 1908)

The Landed Banking and Loan Co's Building

Postmarked February 8, 1909

Meriden Britannia Co., Ltd.


Nigh Scene, Lakeside Park

(an advertisement postcard for a project that was never completed)


The Fire on January 18th,1908 at McLarens Limited


James St. North from T. H. & B. Station

Jewel Stoves & Ranges made by The Burrow, Stewart & Milne Co. Limited


Elbert Hubbard Lecture at the Hamilton Conservatory of Music


Aussem's Store


City Hospital and Nurse's Home

'Jewel' Stoves and Ranges are Manufactured by The Burrow, Stewart & Milne Co.


A Winter Evening Dundurn Park

The Rosary Florists

Postmarked December 10, 1909

Hamilton Market facing Merrick St.

Hilda Cigar Factory

(This postcard was circulated without a stamp)

Postmarked December 21, 1909

Storage Cellars and Packing

Helderleigh Nurseries Winona

Postmarked February 5, 1910