Night Scene Postcards

The Terminal Station (Winter Night)

Postmarked May 6, 1908

Post Office

Postmarked August 7, 1907

The 2 T's - A. C. Trudell and L. R. Tobey

Postmarked February __, 1909

Collegiate Institute

Postmarked May 23, 1911

King Street East, from James Street

Postmarked April 26, 1908

Night Scenes, King Street East


King Street At Night

Postmarked October 6, 1912

King Street East by Electric Light

Postmarked March 8, 1916

Gore Park by Electric Light


Gore Park Looking East

Postmarked January 20, 1907

Grand Truck Railway Station

Postmarked July 23, 1907

Birdseye View

Postmarked June 29, 1910

James Street Incline Railway

Postmarked October 3, 1908

Bridges over Desjardins Canal

Postmarked September 7, 1906

The Beach

Postmarked September 13, 1906

Bay Pier

Postmarked August 5, 1906

Steamer 'Modjeska' on Lake Ontario

Postmarked August 6, 1907

Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, Hamilton Beach

Published by Stedman Bros., Brantford


Royal Hamilton Yacht Club

Published by Valentine & Sons, Great Britain


Same postcard view but different processing including the strength of the beam from the light house and the location of the moon.

Swing Bridge at Entrance to Harbour