Novelty Pennant Post Cards

The majority of pennant postcards were stock postcards with generic images.  Postcard publishers would print the name of a city or town on the pennant.  In some cases the pennant was a piece of fabric cut from felt.

"They all having loving dispositions in Hamilton but they're not like you, Kid"

Felt pennant


Greetings from Hamilton

Felt pennant

Postmarked April __, 1912

"If you von't come to Hamilton vy von't you, vot?"

Felt pennant

Postmarked April __, 1912

"I thought surely I'd hear from you when I reached Hamilton"


"All the Girls are Nice In Hamilton It's Hard To Choose"

Postmarked July 23, 1913

"I Am Using A Lot of Gasoline In Hamilton"

Postmarked August 8, 1913

"I Feel At Home In Hamilton So Don't Expect Me Back"

Postmarked August 11, 1913

"I wish you were here with me"

Postmarked August 20, 1913

"I only wish you were here"

Postmarked December 22, 1914

James St. South in the Olden Times and As it is Today

Postmarked March 10, 1914

"I stopped longer In Hamilton Tthan I intended, but can you blame me?"


"Every body's welcome here"

Postmarked June 19, 1917

"No more'll I cry if you vill come here Bbye undt bye?"

Postmarked June 22, 1917

"Here's the place to whoop it up"

Postmarked June 25, 1917

"Will welcome you to Hamilton. Come as soon as you can"

Postmarked August 23, 1921

"I have all my friends here"

Postmarked illegible

"A word to the wise is sufficient. The word Ancaster is the last word for progress"


"You Should Worry Like A Train And Run To Dundas For I Want To See You."

Postmarked August 6, 1914

"If You Were Only In Dundas I Should Never Worry."

Postmarked August 16, 1914

"Dundas, Town O.K., People Good, Business Fine."

Postmarked August 20, 1913

"Dundas Is The Goods, No Flies On The People"

Postmarked June 21, 1915