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Postcard Stories


There are many reasons why people sent postcards for example to announce births, deaths or weddings. Other topics of conversation were weather conditions, health, current events and farm harvests.  It was a fast, simple and low cost way to stay in contact with friends and family. Depending on where you lived there might be delivery 6 days a week and as often as twice a day.  Many enthusiasts joined clubs in order to exchange postcards with people from around the world.  


Fountain - Gore Park

"I am so glad to hear that you are all getting over the measles so quickly. I suppose you will have had great fun all being in bed together."

Postmarked January 20, 1906


High Level Bridge

"I got your address from the Mail & Empire. I would like to exchange post cards with you."

Postmarked April 6, 1906


Tiffany Ravine, near Dundas

This postcard documents the chess moves between the sender and recipient.

Postmarked March 30, 1907


City Hall and James Street North

"The building with the clock is the City Hall, in England we call them Town Halls. This street runs from Hamilton Hamilton Bay right to the foot of Hamilton Mountain, and to get to the Mountain Top you have to pay 5 its to be taken up on an incline railway car or climb 584 steps if I remember right. The Hamilton Bay can be see[n] from our back attic windows on a clear day"

Postmarked unused


St. Paul's Presbyterian Church

"Re'd your card just before I came to the station & I will write to you when we are settled. We like it in Hamilton, although we are not nearly settled. We have hardly any furniture as yet & I am writing this card on our kitchen table with a candle for light. We have not got the fixtures for electric light. Where we were boarding with a gentleman who was tenor soloist in the church on the other side. He was a singer not an organist."

Postmarked September 7, 1907


Market Day in Hamilton

"This is where I go three times a week to Market. The carts you see you buy all the green stuff at once. Inside the building is where we go for meat, butter & eggs. Cheese it is not far from where we live."



Stutts' Ravine, Greenville

Interesting postcard with the message in shorthand.

Postmarked July 9, 1908


Famours Tigers - Season 1908

"How do you like our Tigers who were successful today against Ottawa. We are so glad. The game was at Kingston 11-9. Will write some day if you are patient.."

Postmarked November 16, 1908


Stutts' Ravine

"Thanks very much for pretty cards. This is a view I took only a few weeks ago. I shall try to get your friend a correspondent in Canada. Hope to receive your letter shortly."  The writer Harold M. Moxley lived in Greensville and exchanged postcards with people across Canada and the United States."

Postmarked December 8, 1908


A Beauty Spot on the Mountain

"I am home now with the rheumatism. I don't know when I will get back to Jordan Station. The Dr. says that it will be sometime. Hoping you are all well."

Postmarked June 16, 1909


Hamilton Ont.

"Just a card hoping you are well & enjoying a good shooting season. This picture shows you the state of the streets affect a blizzard one day last week. I wonder are doing any coursing [hunting] this season?"

Postmarked February 20, 1912


Head of Queen Street

"This is a photo of the steps up to the Asylum here. It is a beautiful walk, but a lot of steps to climb. Hope you are feeling better, I can do nothing but sleep since I came home, guess it was so much water."

Postmarked July 20, 1913


Grafton's Fire

"When fire broke out at this store, a stationers, it was 22º below zero. The firemen looked like big white bears. The ice froze on their beards & eyebrows, & all over their clothes & hung in big icicles. They looked funny, but it was cold"

Photo by Ellis Studio



Normal School, Sophia Street

"Like Normal fine but lots of work. There are 189 altogether. Wish you were here too. I have taught once and have to tach again to-morrow. There are ten teachers. The students had a Hallowe'en party Friday night and we enjoyed ourselves very much. We have lots of fun mixed with work so we like it alright. I have marked my room."

(Cora's used a pen and put a dark line through the top of her bedroom windows - second floor far right side.)

Postmarked November 4, 19__


How We Do Things At Hamilton

"Arrived O.K. Was out on the late on the ice to-day out about a mile watching the fishermen spear fish thro the ice - lake 150 mi[les] long"

Postmarked February 13, 1918


Sanatorium Ravine in Winter

"This is just to show you a few of the steps that Aunty Annie has to climb every week twice when comming [sic] up here. It is from 3 to 5 degrees colder up here in winter than in the city & in summer when they in the city hardly has enough air to breath[e] we will have quite a breeze up here. Now will stop. Wishing you all A Merry Christmas and a Happy & Bright Near Year."



Methodist Church

"This is the old church you will well remember it. The fence at the left is across the street.  Charlie Dymond lives there now. They are talking having  an old boy reunion at Lynden the first July. They want to make some money to make side walk. They have 
now cement walk from the Hotel out as far as the red church use to be. They have a Parsonage there now Mrs Hathaway lives where Mr Jamison use to live."



Holiday House

"This is the side view of the House. It's the prettiest place you ever saw. Am having a peach of a time, bathing etc. Also notice the tennis court. Girls here are very nice."

Postmarked July 29, 1919


Lister Block Fire

"It started about 2:30 one morning and lasted until the next afternoon before it was really out. It was awfully cold and the poor firemen were like chunks of ice, as the hose played on the fire it froze and sure looked a nice sight. All are well here and hope all are the same there"



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