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Mount Hamilton Incline Railway


"The Mount Hamilton Incline Railway at Wentworth street was opened to the public to-day, and as free rides were on the opening programme a great many people patronized the new road. The railway is a credit to the city as well as to the East Hamilton Improvement Co., who built it, and it will without doubt prove a profitable enterprise. The opening was of a quiet nature, the chief feature thereof being the free carriage of foot passengers and vehicles. The railway is conveniently situated, and it connects with the G.T.R. and the T.H.&B. railways at the foot of the incline. The whole of the work has been executed in less than five months without an accident....The buildings connected with the new incline railway are of brick with stone foundations. The railway is provided with a complete electric plant, and near the foot of the incline there is a small pumping station with water mains and steam pipes extending up to the engine house. This pump is driven from the main boilers and it is for the purpose of supplying the water for the boilers and other purposes. The cars are neat and strong and the mechanism for the safety cable which is automatic consists of a steel cable of the size and strength of the main cables, which have passed through the severest tests to show their strength and reliability. The roadbed is 44 feet wide, 717 feet long, and it has a grade of about 44.75 feet per 100 feet. The height from the bottom platform to the top is 303 feet. The engines are 150 horse power and the boilers have the same power. (Globe 27 August 1895) 


East End Incline



Wentworth Incline Looking Up



East End Incline Railway

Postmarked May 24, 1910


East End Incline R. R. to the Mountain

Postmarked July 12, 1907


East Incline Railway

Postmarked September 12, 1910


East End Incline Ry.



East End Incline



East End Incline

Postmarked June 30, 1906

Same view but the postcards are cropped and processed differently.


View from East End Incline Railway

Postmarked illegible


East-end Incline Railway



View from East Hamilton from Mt. Hamilton Incline Railway

Postmarked June 21, 1908


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