Pioneer Era of Postcards


On June 1, 1871, Canada issued a pre-stamped, pictureless post card. It was called a postal stationery card and was sold for one cent at the post office. The cost included both the card and the delivery to any address within the Dominion. The price for an international postcard was two cents.

Examples of an one and two cent Queen Victoria pre-stamped postcard

American Express Company's Office

Postmarked December 7, 1877

Dundurn Park


Lucas, Park & Co.

Postmarked October 30, 1883

H. Gillard & Co. Wholesale Grocers

Dated January 24, 1884

Lucas, Park & Co.

Postmarked May 30, 1884

Wood & Leggat

Postmarked February 6, 1885

Royal Templars of Temperance

Postmarked March 31, 1886

Molsons Bank

Postmarked May 14, 1887

Parkes, Macadams & Marshall, Barristers, & C.

Postmarked June 9, 1888

Meakins & Sons


Royal Templars of Temperance 

Postmarked January 5, 1894

Wood, Vallance & Co. 

Postmarked July 28, 1894

Burrow, Stewart & Milne Manufacturers of 'Jewel' Stoves, Ranges and Furnaces

Postmarked December 6, 1895

W. E. Sanford M'FG. Co.


Lawry & Son Limited, Pork Packers


Meridan Britannia Co. Limited 1847 Rogers Bros.

Postmarked September 28, 1901

John A Bruce & Co.

(Advertising on the front side of government issued post cards was allowed December 9, 1897)

Postmarked March 30, 1902

Hamilton Provident & Loan Society


Lucas, Steele & Bristol, Wholesale Grocers

Postmarked November 24, 1906

Geo. E. Bristol & Co., Wholesale Grocers

Postmarked November 19, 1909

Tartan Brand

Postmarked August 26, 1911

F. T. Smye Conservative Government Candidate

Postmarked October 27, 1929

Johnston Motor Sales Limited

(This is a Canada Business Reply Card with pre-printed King George V 1/2 cent postage)

Postmarked October 11, 1935

Canadian Order of Chosen Friends

Postmarked January 18, 1935